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Creating the Documentation

Creating the documentation is essentially a two-step process.

  1. The source code should be compiled with cl /doc. This creates XML files with the extension .xdc, one for each .cpp file. They can be merged into a single XML file with xdcmake, e.g., xdcmake /assembly:HDF5DotNet.dll /out:HDF5DotNet.xml *.xdc. xdcmake is part of the Windows SDK.
  2. Use Sandcastle to create the website. The Sandcastle distribution includes a PowerShell script scbuild.ps1 that largely automates this process. E.g., & 'C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\ProductionTools\scbuild.ps1' -BuildWebsite -Sources .\HDF5DotNet.dll,HDF5DotNet.xml -Name HDF5DotNet
  3. To run the website a webserver that supports ASP.NET is required. Candidates are IIS, WebMatrix or the ASP.NET Development Server built into Visual Studio.
  4. The website typically needs some customization, e.g., updates to stylesheets, sitemaps etc.