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H5G..::..getObjectInfo Method

Namespace:  HDF5DotNet
Assembly:  HDF5DotNet (in HDF5DotNet.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Shared Function getObjectInfo ( _
	groupOrFileId As H5LocId, _
	name As String, _
	followLink As Boolean _
) As ObjectInfo
public static ObjectInfo getObjectInfo(
	H5LocId groupOrFileId,
	string name,
	bool followLink
Visual C++
static ObjectInfo^ getObjectInfo(
	H5LocId^ groupOrFileId, 
	String^ name, 
	bool followLink
HDF5DotNet.H5G.getObjectInfo = function(groupOrFileId, name, followLink);


Type: HDF5DotNet..::..H5LocId
IN: File or group Id.
Type: String
IN: Name of the object for which status is being sought.
Type: Boolean
IN: If the object is a symbolic link and followLink is false, then the information returned is that for the link itself; otherwise the link is followed and information is returned about the object to which the link points.

Return Value

The filenumber and objectnumber properties contain two values each. Together, these four values uniquely identify an object among those HDF5 files which are open: if all four values are the same between two objects, then the two objects are the same (provided both files are still open).
  • Note that if a file is closed and re-opened, the value in fileno will change.
  • If a VFL driver either does not or cannot detect that two H5Fopen calls referencing the same file actually open the same file, each will get a different fileno.

The nHardLinks property is the number of hard links to the object or zero when information is being returned about a symbolic link (symbolic links do not have hard links but all other objects always have at least one).

The objectType property contains the type of the object, one of H5GType.GROUP, H5GType.DATASET, H5GType.LINK, or H5GType.TYPE.

The modificationTime property contains the modification time.

If information is being returned about a symbolic link then the linkLength property will be the length of the link value (the name of the pointed-to object with the null terminator); otherwise it will be zero.

The headerSize property is the total size of all the object header information in the file (for all chunks).

The unusedHeaderSpace property is the size of unused space in the object header.

The nHeaderMessages property is the number of object header messages.

The nHeaderChunks property is the number of chunks the object header is broken up into.

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