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H5Id Interface

H5Id identifies an H5 object.
base class for all classes that provide hid_t to the unmanaged HDF5 API.
An interface supported by all H5 Id types.

Namespace:  HDF5DotNet
Assembly:  HDF5DotNet (in HDF5DotNet.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Interface H5Id
public interface H5Id
Visual C++
public interface class H5Id
HDF5DotNet.H5Id = function();


Only HDF5 library routines may create an H5Id. Application programmers use instances of H5Id that are returned from HDF5 library calls for subsequent calls. Keeping the H5Id class implemented as an abstract data type provides the opportunity for future source-compatible library upgrades.


H5Id simply stores the hid_t id used by the unmanaged HDF5 API. Subclasses of this base class provide type saftey.

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